About Mads

I produce videos of my shooting at some matches, you can find my shooting vidoes on YouTube.

Mads professionally
I hold a master’s degree from the University of Aalborg. I served in a mechanized infantry unit in the Danish Army between 1994 and 2005.  Today I work as team leader in the information technology field.

Why shooting?
In 2002 a friend and I decided that we wanted to try sports shooting. I had never participated in organized sports before, and thought that I mostly lacked the drive to compete. I quickly realized, that I found competing in a non-team sport very fulfilling. In particular, I found the ability to quantify my improvements from session to session to be a powerful driving factor. During 2002-2004, I shot mostly bullseye competition and a Danish discipline named Terrænpistol, where you shoot variously shaped targets  at unknown distances, within a time limit.

In 2003 I got interested in IPSC, and in 2004 I did the IPSC license course. I was hooked from the start, and have been shooting IPSC ever since. I was lucky enough that the shooting club I had joined had some of the best facilities for IPSC in Denmark.

Since I started shooting IPSC, I’ve become a Range Officer and match organizer. Introducing new competitors to IPSC is among my favourite things to do.

I’m proud to have represented Denmark at the IPSC World Shoots in U.S.A (2014 – XVII) and France (2017 – XVIII), and at the European IPSC Handgun Championships in Serbia (2010), Portugal (2013), Hungary (2016) and Serbia (2019). I’ve been on the national team in both Standard and Classic division.

Other interests

Land Rovers, Photography (in particular live concerts)