Since late 2017 (after participating in World Shoot XVIII in France) my main focus for competition has been Classic Division. I’m using a SIG Sauer 1911 Stainless Elite in 9×19mm from Zero Mike Armory

My 1911 Stainless Elite is mostly stock, but I’ve replaced the flat main spring housing with an arched version to fit my hand better, replaced the very nice wood grips with G10 grips from TechWear and a TechWell for easier reloads and removed a little bit of material from the dust cover so that there’s no question that it’s less than 75mm.

As of this writing, in 4 months of using the 1911 Stainless Elite for practice and 6 matches I haven’t experienced a single malfunction of the gun. I’ve had one minor magazine issue (failure to fully eject a partially filled magazine), which was resolved by switching 100% to Metalform magazines.

Magazines are important to the function of any pistol, and I’ve had great success with 10 round magazines from Metalform with the flat metal follower and polymer base pad. You may need to file the basepad a bit for your gun to fit in the IPSC box.