Berlin New Area #1

Berlin lv. III 2019, stage 12

A range complex has become available for IPSC in Berlin, the “Landesleistungszentrum” (LLZ) in Spandau.

They hosted their first lv. III IPSC match april 5-7 2019, and I’d made the trip with some Danish IPSC competitors.

The match took place on 25m indoor ranges (8 ranges), and consisted of 12 stages. Some of the ranges were used for more than one stage, with a couple being shot “hot range”.

We shot saturday morning, and everything ran on schedule, with small squads (mine was a 6 person squad). Actual stage time was 1,6% of the scheduled time, which seems quite high. The air quality seemed fine, I didn’t notice any black stuff coming out of my nose.

The ranges used a lot of movable bullet traps, and the main back stop. Distances were up to 25m, and the match offered quite a few challenging shots, with use of IPSC mini targets, and cut IPSC targets. There wasn’t a lot of lateral movement, due to the limited width of the 25m ranges. Overall, the match made good use of the available space.

There were several moving targets, a couple of swingers, a couple of bobbers, and some bobbing plates. I obviously did not respect the harder targets enough, and ended up with 7 misses and 2 no-shoot hits. A couple on a swinger, but most on mini or half targets. I consider this unacceptable performance on my part, but valuable input for future practice.

Most of the stages seemed to only offer one reasonable way to shoot them in Classic division – maybe a good thing, since you didn’t have much time for planning and rehersal with 5-6 competitors per squad.

I was informed that a couple of rifle ranges (50m and 100m) were currently being worked on for IPSC use, and might be used in future matches.

I ran into a couple of familiar faces from back in 2005 when my international IPSC career began in Berlin, and chatted a bit, which is always fun.

If there’s more matches put on here, and they don’t conflict with any of the outdoor matches I shoot, I’ll certainly be back. It also looks like a great place to put on matches in the winter, if the ventilation system offers heating.

Stages won 4 of 12
Classic division finish: 85,83%, no. 3

Average stage winning hit factor for Classic Division was at 4,9. 3 stages had winning hit factors just above 6, and 2 just above 5.


80,17% 15,09% 0,86% 3,02%




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