Infinity Euro Open 2011

I ended up at 61.19% at the Infinity Euro Open 2011. That was far from the 70% that was my goal. Broken down into the two shooting days the stats were:

Saturday: 74,36% A, 18,46% C, 6,15% D, 1,03% M and 3 no-shoots.
My average stage score percentage for saturday was 52%
Sunday: 81,29% A, 16,13% C 1,94% D, 0,65% M and zero no-shoots.
My average stage score percentage for saturday was 60,8%

(the reason my match percentage was higher than my stage score percentage is, that I did better on the long courses, and made most mistakes on the short courses).

I should have respected the stages more on saturday, and shot more A’s. Of my two mikes on saturday, one was because I ran out of time on the triple mover, and I didn’t call the second one on a static target. My one mike on sunday was on a mini-target on a swinger. 2 of my 3 hits on no-shoots were on clamshell targets, which I obviously need to practice on.

Summing up, I only shot 5 stages at, or close to my target of 70% (saturday I shot 2 of 11 stages at around 70% Sunday it was 3 out of 7). That’s just not enough. I did miss 2 practice sessions in the week before the match due to mechanical difficulties, but that’s no excuse.

Infinity Euro Open 2011 results



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