Infinity Open 2019

Infinity Open 2019 was a great match! Good stages, great execution on the part of the organizers. A good warm-up for the Nordic Championships in Copenhagen. I crashed a bit on our first stage, and had some annoying misses on movers on the first day.

Takeaways: I’d prepared quite a bit on swingers, but I need to do more tracking of swingers, as well as up-down targets with no-shoots. I also need to shoot more small plates far away, in bad lighting.


82,78% 14,44% 1,67% 1,11%


Stages above 60% 13 of 19
Stages above 70% 6 of 19
Stages above 80% 3 of 19
Overall finish: 67,05%, no. 17


I've been shooting pistols since 2002, and shooting IPSC since 2004. I'm a NROI Chief Range Officer and instructor. See full bio.